Our Breeding Program

Breeding program at DogTreff New York is build and run based on the regulation of SV Germany (German Shepherd Dog Club of Germany) that requires Breeders to adhere to strict standards, involving a show conformation rating, a Schutzhund title, an endurance test, and an acceptable hips and elbows rating on each dog being bred. These regulations go back 100 years ago, which gives potential buyer assurance that all ancestors of the current stock were in compliance with the same requirements. In Germany litter registration is not permitted unless the parents have met these criteria. This promotes consistent quality of the dogs being bred, and allows potential buyers to review generations of hips and elbows ratings, conformation, and working titles. In America today these requirements are still optional for those that do not breed based on German standard.

Why is Schutzhund important to the future of the working breeds? A dog that performs well in Schutzhund should demonstrate a solid temperament with a foundation of intelligence and utility. He/she will show a high level of trainability and happiness for his tasks. These traits are highly sought after in police K9s and Search and Rescue dogs and good temperament family companions. By participating in Schutzhund, we are keeping an important genetic pool alive for the dogs which serve and protect us. It also allows owners opportunity to enjoy well-mannered member of society.