Guardian Program

What Is German Shepherd Guardian Program?

We are a small Reputable Breeder in in upstate New York with a breeding program for sound, appealing, healthy German Shepherd dogs with show and working abilities. Our goal is to breed intelligent, obedient confident, dogs with great temperaments that are capable of working performance and conformation. Before our planned breedings, we require both parents to be titled and pass SV/Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) Health Checks. Should a dog not pass health checks, the dog is not bred. We continually try to improve our Lines and the Breed.

Our German Shepherd Guardian Program is a way for individuals and families to obtain a high‐quality purebred German Shepherd puppy or dog without paying the full purchase or appraisal worth. We require commitment to training and showing of the dog.

Its a partnership we create to to place our dogs with individuals and families that will give the dogs the love and attention they deserve. We take responsibility to ensure that our dogs are placed and cared for in a safe and healthy environment. If potential owners are not in a financial position to properly care for a dog, they really shouldn’t own one. With all our dog placements, we require a written contract. Our German Shepherds require a commitment of time, love and care, in return they give unconditional love.

If you feel this Program is for you, please give us a call 718-704-9429