Character Development Program and Character Assesment Test at DogTeff  New York

We all would like to see our Dogs to be healthy, environmentally sound and social friendly with good drive and working ability.
Those qualities can be developed only if the dog possesses solid character foundation. It is exactly what Character Development Program is made for.

During Character Development Program the dog learns to conduct himself/herself under different stimulations without inappropriate reactions.
Numerous situations are created to determine how the dog can handle pressure.
Character Development Program builds various features of the dog personality.
It includes handler ability to touch his dog at different body parts, interaction with group of strangers, the ability to cope with loud noises, the dog play drive with handler and strangers and ability of the dog to stay alone.

Characted Assesment Test consists of different modules. It starts with impartiality test when behavior of the dog is tested during microchip check, teeth check and measuring taken on the flat platform. The results are put in descriptive format, explaining the dog behavior. There is no pass or fail on this test. The only time the dog can be eliminated from taking the test is when the dog cannot handle the gun shot.

Next module assesses the social behavior of the dog. The bond between handler and the dog is tested. It is evaluated in play, in encounter with big group of people and in meeting a foreign dog. This perhaps is the most important component in future dog development. The bond between handler and the dog is not build in one day and has to be developed from the young age. Dogs that lack connection to human most likely will show lack of confidence as adult.

Next module is the sound sensitivity. The dog is exposed to different kind of sounds, like chain saw, leaf blower, metal chain drop on metal platform, gun shot. It tests the nerves of the dog and ability to cope with different sounds. Confident dogs will show interest in the source of the sound and desire to investigate the object closer. Fearful dogs will show obvious discomfort and attempt to retreat. Fearful dogs are most likely to develop different noise phobias later in their life, which is something, that have to be eliminated for the purpose of breeding.

Next module addresses motion safety on multidimensional level. Dog behavior is tested on the moving table, on the man-made bridge and simultaneously the drive of the dog is tested in this situation of increased stress.

In the next module the play drive and prey drive are tested. The dog is expected to play with the handler, with the Judges assistant and be ego to find the hidden prey object.

Next module tests the ability of the dog to cope with pressure in the enclosed space with slippery floor when unexpected sounds are introduced. At the same time the dog’s willingness to return to play is evaluated.

The last module assesses the strength of fundamental nature of the dog. The dog is tested in complete isolation and in encounter with stranger while being isolated. The reactions are described and recorded.

Character Test is a very comprehensive evaluation of the dog behavior, temperament and disposition with the goal to only have dogs with solid characteristics.